The Liker Formula

Over 20 years ago, Dr Liker recognized that the practice of medicine was moving away from the traditional doctor patient relationship that initially attracted Dr. Liker to medicine. With that recognition, he determined that a key to providing high quality personalized care is by limiting the size of a medical practice.
Dr. Liker started one of the first “concierge practices” in the United States in 2000. While most Internal Medicine physicians are responsible for caring for between 2000-3000 patients and can see up to 30 patients per day, Dr. Liker has limited his practice size to fewer than 150 individuals and typically does not see more than a few patients in any given day. This allows him to spend extended time with each patient. It also gives him the opportunity to practice proactive medicine and build positive meaningful relationships with his patients. This approach enables him to devote the time to consult with other leading physicians across the country and to do the necessary research to optimize the care that his patients receive.
Dr. Liker has spent over 20 years developing relationships with leading doctors and hospitals throughout the United States and abroad. He has worked closely with experts at Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering, University of Chicago, Harvard, Stanford, UCSF, UCLA, Cedars Sinai and many other prestigious institutions around the world to ensure that his patients are receiving state of the art care. Dr. Liker is available to his patients 24 hours a day and makes both office and house calls. His firm belief is that each of his patients should be treated as though they were a member of his own family. His level of commitment and devotion to his patients has been the driving force behind the success of one of the most well respected Internal Medicine practices in the United States.